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  1. Hi, I am visiting Lisbon and am staying near Saldanha. Is it possible to join you for training on Friday. I am a beginner (3 months) at Capoeira


  2. Hi how you doing am looking for a place to train today and I was wondering if it would be possible to train with your group..
    Thank you.


    • Hi Freedom!
      we are doing fine. i hope you too.
      of course you can come train today. we are going to start a bit later today, at 19.45 at rua da mouraria 64,
      see you later


  3. Olá!
    Queria saber se tem atelier de capoeira durante as ferias escolares. Seria para o meu filho de 7 anos na ultima semana de Junho… Ele adoraria começar a praticar!

    • Olá Olivier!
      Em geral vai ter aulas em Junho e Julho até o dia 20 mais ou menos, então fica a vontade para nos visitar com o teu filho.
      Neste momento não temos aulas especiais para crianças, mas ultimamente temos umas outras crianças que também estar a treinar com nos então vai ser melhor para ele de ver outras crianças na aula também.

  4. Hi! I’m an erasmus student in Lisbon and I really want to try capoeira, is it possible to join you for one training and try ?


    • Hi Rebecca!
      welcome to Lisboa first of all. Of course it is possible to try it out. We currently have trainings at travessa Pereira 35a close to Graca at 18h30 to 20h30 every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
      Please use comfortable clothes and shoes for the training.

  5. Hello, I am a visitor in Lisbon, I tried Capoeira only once or twice many years ago! Intererested to make some movement and body conditioning. Would it be appropriate for me to join a class please?

  6. Hi Monica, this weekend we have a workshop going on so I do not think in terms of level that it would be appropriate for you but if you are still in Lisbon on Monday, feel free to join the class.

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