Mestres e Professores

The group »Grupo de Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros« has its roots in the outskirts of São Paulo, where it was founded by Mestre Baixinho and Mestre Marrom, father and son, in 1983.

Mestres Marrom e Baixinho

mestres marrom baixinho

From the beginning, their cultural outreach to children, adolescents and grownups focused on the preservation of Capoeira Angola and other forms of afro-brazilian culture. In their academy »Senzalinha«, they provide Capoeira Angola and Percussion lessons every day of the week.

In addition to the valorization of afro-brazilian cultures, the group has an important social function in the structurally poor outskirts of São Paulo. Adolescents are confronted with violence and a lack of positive perspectives for their lives. Capoeira fulfills an important function as a medium of social communication and in this way promotes the maturity and cultural integration of adolescents of disadvantaged groups.

To commemorate the efforts of resistance by the slaves of Brazil, the group wears the colors brown, which symbolizes the earth and our source of our nutrition and energy, and white, as a symbol of peace.


Lisboa - Inauguracao com Perna 149

Mestre Perna was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1973. At the age of ten he began learning and playing Capoeira in the academy »Senzalinha«, of Mestre Baixinho and his son Mestre Marrom. In Taboão da Serra/ SP, he started his own work giving Capoeira classes in the garage of his mother’s house. He taught in many different places until he opened his first academy, the »Castilho«, where he worked with underprivileged adolescents and children in the outskirts of São Paulo. Today, his former students have matured and continue this valuable work.

In 2002, Mestre Perna came to Bremen to continue his Capoeira work. Since 2004, the »Capoeira Angola Bremen«, founded by he and his students, has its own training place – the Cazuá – where he teaches Capoeira Angola every day. In Europe he is responsible for several other groups of the »Irmãos Guerreiros«, and supports their work with regular workshops and visits.

In 2013, together with the 30th aniversary of the group Mestre Perna was awarded the title of mestre in his hometown in São Paulo, Brasil.

Profesor Kenneth


Kenneth Borges started training Capoeira Angola 1987 in Salvador, Bahia, under Mestre Moraes at the legendary GCAP. 2003 he moved to Wien, Austria to teach Capoeira and    2008 he joined GCAIG and is ever since the right hand of CM Perna in Europe. Together with his students Prof Kenneth organize each summer “Suncamp”. A one week event in the Austrian countryside – a classic in European Angola Circles!

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